Today (23.06) going to Keava, cause Jaanipäev is coming and I don’t want to be in town. So we are going to nature.

Only now I understand what also with a phone (I have samsung galaxy a5) can make a photos. It sometimes make pretty good stuff. But camera is also important, cause sometime you need to make better photos, what camera can give you. So I don’t like any limits and rules. Doing things like you think is right – is a right thing. Cause nobody can feel like you (actually can), but nobody can decide for you what to do. People can give advices or not, but what you like to do, is your thing and only yours.

So started to pack myself to this weekend. Absolutely  love natural, little edited photos, stange colors and strange/unusual (for others normal/ casual people) fashion or dress. Like you can see in my instagram page.

Also I dress now more colorfully and different from others. I’d like to be free in all things what I’m doing. So I wish to YOU, who reading this.

Creativity, limitless fantasy, love is a key to achievements. But you don’t need to pursuit achievements – just catch the moment if it came to you.

Also doing your job well, what you love and working hard, sometimes free (cause money is not the key, it is a side result of working), making you to change (not so much change- but find yourself in this infinite illusion and also die – your Ego will die many times). Making you to love diffilcuties and others.

I have also suicide thoughts (what art person/ young romantic/ naive don’t have them?), but I never make it, cause I know – I can’t hurt myself or anybody else (like kill, I mean. It’s unnecessary).

I can cut myself sometimes or bite someone, but never kill someone. It’s unnatural disorder. Through pain, tears and diffulcuties we achieve true yourself – if you survive, of course.

Always tears raised my spirit and I became stronger.  Cause I wanted to be, but don’t forget to meditate and enjoy life. Find peace in your mind and heart, it’s also one of keys to be successful. Make crazy thing, while you can and be patient, when you need to be. And dream..dream..dream and also remember what you are dreaming.

“Life is a jorney”: Said Ursula yesterday. It also a experience. The more you try, than more you raise. Don’t be jealous, greedy – stop! not! I can’t say you who to be – you need to find it on your own, if you still not. I can just give you advice or sign.

Our thought reflecting to universe, while you saying them they have more power. Don’t forget to think good, cause karma return to you. It’s not a hippie crap – it like it is. You just need to try see it and feel. Lose your fear of unknown – and jump with head into it. Experiment. Test. Dream. Love. Life. Infinite. Consciousness. Energy

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