Keava. #1


One thing I trying to do is make photos maximum realistic in the camera and with camera sittings.

Other thing maximum realistic with Lightroom presets like had photos old cameras, for example Zenit-E.

One thing is certain: I make them on my own style and vision. Some of them are very artistic some of them just simple, some of them wearing a hidden message.

All photos taken this weekend with Apollon.

Also I tried to fix viewfinder focus and focus in my lens. Cause sometimes it make very blurry photos. And I searching for my color in the photos.


This picture is not photoshopped. Is real. Just toked through the window

Some of them are taken with Helios + Canon.

Which one of these (two) photos you like more? Do you see difference?

And  the first day in countryside is almost end. Good thing when you have many batteries with you, but I forget USB to connect to my laptop. No problem. Doing this now.

And it was time to go to Jaanipäev (St John’s Day or Midsummer Party). I didn’t expected nothing, but we stayed there for two hours. During these hours, we danced a lot, watched fire and I thought branches with the kids to the fire.

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