Keava raba #2

Life, Nature

Been sit around 4 hors at the sun (?) and sunburnt a little, but it was ok. Cause we were free. Free children in the nature. I don’t know: put my photos or not. It’s all natural, nothing to shame. I’m not making porno. I think it’s art.


And he alive 🙂 But, I don’t put picture of swimming, cause I don’t think it’s necessary. Cause he swim a lot this day and just came from military.

Is one thing I don’t like (is more than one) – men can be almost naked in the summer and the women not – in our society – but who care? we all have same structure – not exactly the same – but the same design – i mean (all meant to have, if don’t – it’s a problem, not difference. difference yes, but problem also). I think I don’t’ have problems with body – everything I get after birth is my problem or my parents.

All we have body.


Is who we are at the moment. All choices we make. If you are doing thinks good (like you think they are – right thing – then it’s right. But maybe only for you(?), but maybe not? Cause if you can think about smth and analyze or calculate possibilities, so you can be whatever you like to be).

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