Isbushka photoshoot

Product Photo

Not at first time made align with designers or make up artists.

Been cloudy morning. After needed to go to work – to Bershka in Rotterman quater, when I started to work. But it very nice. Model (Anita Tumas) was from YU competition. I also been with her. She is 21.

So I share some pictures of morning adventure in Pelgulinn. But they are not for some magazine, but for celling. But I did them free, so if he (designer – Andrei Kuzmin) earn some money on them, did I need to ask to pay me? If I will be at the same place, I will give something to thank you photographer fo free photos or free work.

Like you know I like natural pictures when you can see human emotions and them are not over posed. But sometimes even they are over posed through them you can see human soul behind. It’s a gift to make pictures like this and pose like this. I think.

Dress 1


Dress 2



Dress 3


And then I get to know what this girl was in “Eesti tipp modell” is like American Next Top model broadcast thing 😀 Actually in some photos she reminds me of Liis Lemsalu.

And after photoshoot went to work. And after work went to rehearsal with band. Didn’t not been for a month i think, but it pretty good.

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