Videoshoot as actor


Today evening participate in first video. It was really fun. I been at 18.32, but we started after 20. Taked bear and talked/waited for sunrise.

Advise for the light and time: Better shoot before 21 PM in july in Estonia or whatever country – during the sunrise. When shadow is not so strong and warmer light, if you want natural light. You can also take/use reflector if you want.

From beginning I thought what nothing special, but later it become a funny. Guy who acted with me (Erik) was actually good at guiding me as an actress. He made and fell moment very good. So my emotion and acting (in front of camera being) was real, not practiced. I mean emotion, not motion 🙂 Cause we did maximum 3 different shoot from one scene. (if I know right)

Some photos from today. Here I tried also some difference new presets made today before posting. But, is mostly to my vision.

There was really windy. I hope I’m not gonna getting ill. Not only me, but Erik also. In the pictures you don’t see he. But when I receive pictures and video will be done I’ll post it of course. I can say it story about you everyone know: music and love.

So it was a first ever video shooting for music video with Luis Izzo, Erik and Vlada (was on the camera. She have Canon 6D).

Vlada Photos:



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