Zenit-E: problem1


I think it depends of light and shutter speed, but I don’t know. In the beginning wasn’t blue lines in photos, but in most of have. Or maybe depend from film? I don’t know.

Also I’d like to buy Zorki 4, Fet 3, Moskva 2, but I don’t know about them so much. My friend have Zorki 4. Which one I’ll buy you will see. But one photographer told me what this  suck stuff and maybe not working at all, what I better do not buy. Cause I even can’t control them, if they work or not. You can control only with film.

So I told a seller, that will be nice if she control them before sell, so I do not waste money.

Tried some exposures and setting. Never try X-mode in ZenitE in daytime it will be pictures like this- only if you want pictures like this one. I had iso 400 film (cheap one: only 3 eur)


About blue lines: once told me in shop what it can be cause of some scratches inside. I cleaned camera inside, but they just stay. Some pictures from last Zenit shooting.

Minus of Zenit E (in total film shoot): you can’t take film out and put other with the higher iso, but you can buy 100-1600 iso film. Also shutter speed, iso sensitivity – you need to put but knowledge-  if you don’t have it, it’s bad. Sometimes I don’t know what I need to set, so it goes bad.  Hard to scroll bad film. Sometimes too much bokeh even in high aperture.

With low iso is hard shoot at night, or you just need film with higher iso or set speed slower to take more light in. ( I hate this scratches. Don’t know from they came) Example:  05330015

Plus: Good color and natural look. Sometimes is very good. (some have scrathes), but good in details (if you can focus 😀 cause focus jump sometimes very fast). Sometimes good bokeh and focus, but sometimes no- i think, it depends from your skill

Actually I like making video with it, it seems different.

2 thoughts on “Zenit-E: problem1

  1. Have you tried this Zenit E lenses with your Canon? Adapter ring cost around 8£ (+shipping) in Amazon. Takes awesome pictures, but you get rid of these blue lines.


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