Video shoot 2


Finally we had a final cut of music video shoot. Once if get video I of course share it. Waited till 20.00, but again like 1 hour late, so…actually i was there 18.58. Asked Luis many times, if it at 19? Anyway, we started around 20.15. Made only some shoots and take photos of Luis after. While Vlada recorded video. In Pelguranna beach is very much glasses from bottles, so be careful! And one thing I know – you need to be like you are, but to be who you are, you need to know who you are. And I know, people who I meet also know, some of them less, but it’s evolution of the soul. Like told A. Powell Davies “Life is just a chance to grow a soul”. Is the same that I have been told to my mother – I grow up on my own, nobody grow me up, I’m growing on my own. I think I meant (then was 10-11) Me- my soul. Not behavior. People watch your behavior, change it and you will change.

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