Photowalk in Tallinn with Kätlin


I should work till 19, but I remember I just changed the time of the working, not the ending. I had planned already photoshoot with Kätlin, but then I saw a schedule of the day, I just had shocked. Cause I need to be at 17 in photoshoot and at 19 start my practice in Red Emperor. I cried. One of personal saw what I cry (that day I cried a lot cause of two persons going to Red Emperor for jam night, and don’t even tried to invite me and cause of money problems. But all this problems are just for a time, they came and go, but I’m very sensitive).

So into my head came a idea “I will go to India by walk”. Actually I already started to plan it. I’d like to go right now, but I need to finish university. Cause last time I studied 3 years (two of them I payed) and after Spain (as Erasmus) I didn’t finished. So I need to finish this time, before I start my long trip to India, China (Tibet) and others, to I can go. I even don’t know if I need visa. Hope I do not. Cause I’m not understand why good and kind person need it. I’d like to be a kind of test – for all persons who can be world citizen and who don’t need a even passport or visa to all countries – like no boarder for them. It’s just a stupid thing. Before nobody needed a visa, they just went and explore a world. I’d like to explore world; take photos while hike; study music and spiritualism in East; experiment with myself; sing in the bars, in EU; have new friends. Maybe I’m not came back. Cause I’d like to challenge myself – challenge all life I can take. Take maximum – All important I have – is always with me – myself – my skills, my imagination and my soul.

So after work I met Kätlin Tamm. And we had a walk in the center. Small gallery here:

We talked, played with water. She is just went to this small fountain, even I do not said nothing to do. Is very good, when model on her own use fantasy or just be in the mood and can show it – or I just told “sell me this pipe” and she posed with it. I think I’d by it, id I can 😀 Also same with chair – model can able to play with object and imagine many things. Cause work of the photographer, I think, is “be able to take image at the right time” – take photo in the right time and a little guide model – to reach your own vision. Good time (around) 1 h 30min, to had smth interesting. This birds on photo, I do not even know, what they was there behind, but the moment is very nice and different from other studio photos. What’s why I don’t like too much posing and fake studio photoshoots – cause everyone can take photos in the studio – ok setting the light is hard sometimes, but you can learn very fast it and all. No way to evolve or explore. Ok, you can go with objects (for promotions – like food or smth), slow motion – it better to do in the studio and some project for macro photo – like rare objects or incesta – you need more light and very clear photos, but it’s already job.

Oh, yeah, I can shoot concerts, solo, lifestyle, bands and couples – so If you like my style or myself (smile) contact me. I’m living in Estonia till I graduate. I hope. Cause, (11.august) I thought what I’ll go and no return home. But I just went for morning run. But it new beginning. Thank you and enjoy your ride!

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