Making Apple Juice

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Wanted to go to Tallinn, cause 12 august not seen a stars falling cause of clouds, but next day missed the train so decided to stay. Make fresh apple juice with grandparents and one of their son and his wife. Collected apples, sometime shake the tree to collect more apples – used tree different apples sort – one was very sweet and ready – Marzipan (Martsipan) and others was a bit sour. But only from sweet apples will not come good juice, grandpa tried once – and told what is not good. Those day I first time in my life tried real, fresh pressed apple juice – I think made at home also some years ago, but it was totally different and very good. It’s why I’d like to have my own house with some territory to grow different fruits, trees and vegetables, fungi – cause home one is more better than shop ones. Also tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and everything. Also I’d like to grow other trees and plants – for food and not only (but for medicine and some safe experiments).

So here is my little story in pictures what we did and what used.

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