Make art not war (Katri photowalk)


Met with Katri today. She wants to start also make photos. She get one old fully automatic Kodak and one video camera – Old Russian 8mm camera kvartz. Got film (cheapest film cost 2.8€ in Fotoluks – 24 shoot and Iso 200) for Kodak, batteries and tape, cause batteries do not stayed at the place 🙂

Went to Jansuki (Müürivahe 17, near to Loitsukeller. Cause there was one  woman, who can help Katri, cause she need some crystal. You need always to have money in the pocket. I learner it on my own, even if it 1 cent.  Anyway good crystals cost more than others). But I do not visit this shop every day, cause some crystals comes to me then it’s time and also I visit Loitsukeller. There you can also find good stuff for your soul.

Downloaded some free lightroom presets, but liked 7 only, and I correct on my own and my vision a little. I just needed kind of base for retro and vintage look. I need to learn how to make look like old film cameras even with digital world (already learning). Some of them I can make, but now I learned more with this. You need to change RGB also and make more green or yellow, cause old camera had this look.

“Make art, not war”. Never heard about it, but thought so people can really make world better – or understand their selfs. Cause we have very much broken individuals, who are lost in the society, personalities, absurd, every day life stuff and forgot about why we are living and what is true love. But thinking about children – they already not children, but vampires. Nature struggle, human break. Need to renew everything and change world, change stupid rules, so we can live together and happy. But what is happiness, if you can’t be with person you love and do what you truly want to do? But, how you can exist if you don’t know what is true? When you do not even living, just exist. Existing is not the same as living. (as Osho said too. I agree)


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