Lights Walks in Kadriorg

Events, Life

Second time I was there, but now I’ve been with Michael, Aeg and Apollon. Last year I was with Jürgen. It was really strange. Cause I was drunk already before I came to park, not so much, but I remember i put bear into small pocket and it slipped to the ground. Very much people, I never saw than we have so many people in the park 😀 And imagine in a big cities is everywhere so much people. Oh, no, I don’t want to live in big city.

Saw a girl in the tram. Need to try it 😀

I pissed in the someone garden, cause toilets was so full. So I need to climb over the someone fence. I saw drone flying above me and put hood. I hope nobody saw me 😀

Also I’ve been cut thought public to the stage (and actually been at backstage, just walked in and out) and nobody told me nothing.

Also yesterday (15.09.16) I rub out one candle cause stepped over it and my pants became dirty with wax. Once I fell, cause do not see a small ruffle/bordure hidden in the grass.

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