TLÜ Freshman party


As you may know – I’m in Photo Club in Tallinn University.

Here is fb galery, but I’ll post here some pictures, that I like more or maybe which ones I do not posted somewhere.

Also have been payed photographer – She had Canon 5D mark3 and couple of lences. Also had Lensbaby, which one I don’t know. But then I remind, what I also have glass for effects. How I can make – I asked already from one photographer and If I’ll make it, I will write about it.

First time in my life actually I thought about earplugs, cause of very loud sound – and also why – cause I’ve been on the stage while I was had photos. I moved a lot I looked for angles.

Very much photos was blurry – I need a new eyes, cause my lences is only manual – so 😀 If I see bad, my pictures will be unfocused. But light was really hard – very dark sometimes and jumped a lot, so I could focus only in light and then next time have shoot, but sometimes I just couldn’t so…Also you can see in my “music” page, there is also some of them.

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