I had been involved into one magazine with one month we should make it. Last 4 days been translated from Estonian to Russian and Russian to Estonian some texts.

Also wrote my own article “Dimension X”. Why dimension x? Cause I saw this headline in my dreams. Why not use it here?

It is interesting magazine, some articles are more interesting that others, cause not all of us are aware of his consciousness.

“The more you become aware of your consciousness, the more you become conscious and aware of its power, and can utilize its power. Calmness, peace of mind, freedom from anxiety and worry, inner strength and happiness are some of the by-products of becoming conscious and aware of your inner consciousness”

Event: Artell presentation

Deja experience is still the same, I’d like to control more, but I’m learning.

Anyway  was nice a good company and teamwork. And we need a support for future printing, cause we have a small team. 2017 year: five magazines is in the five libraries in Tallinn, so you can take and read. Some of them also in city shops or cafes.

Maarja Kaabel made cool gif’s.

I don’t know if wordpress can play gif’s, but can try. And it’s working. A little bit crazy. Now I know how to make gif’s with photoshop. I’d like to make something on your own too, but need to draw smth, maybe next time.

Some pictures from workshop and presentation: Some pictures by MJ


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