Christmas photoshoot & cameras choise

Product Photo

Had photoshoot in small studio somewhere in Õiesmäe this Thursday with Isbushka after work or it was my eyes – so hard to focus or it my lenses. Cause I don’t have none good lens. Some saying better chip camera and good lens than cheap lens and good camera.

But here some pictures, even if they are blurry I like emotion. Thanks Lord, not all of them are blurry. I need to do something with it.

Here is some photos from  Isbushka photoshoot. Andrei told that he make one dress about 8-10 hours.

Also I tried made lens, that made myself with MJ help a bit: here some pictures.

Yes, you can make them with even telephone, but maybe I need first to repair my eyes?

Maybe new camera, one photographer told that Nikon takes better photos and my camera is old and slow, but I don’t have any money. I look toward Nikon D750 or Canon 6D. I need definitely full frame. Cause even my handmade lens is better with full frame. I have possibility to try Canon 6D and in one video, Canon 6D wins of D750. So will post later Canon6D photos. Or maybe Mamiya or Pentax K1?

I do not know how to promote myself and I have few clients, I’m a little pessimist about myself and photography, cause I don’t have money not for new eyes not for lenses. Even people who don’t know how to shoot and make ugly photos – making money. How? I do not understand this.

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