What is in your pill?


It’s me again.

I participated in one bachelor degree photoshoot this year. This photos has been showed in Tallinna University there I study in a second floor (I Guess) in Astra. I saw them and Timir and Katri. 😀 And actually I do not felt nothing, only a little fun of others see my body naked on photos of someone bachelor degree art project.

Why in or music department we can’t do more improvisations and more practical stuff. Cause teachers some of them actually good and professional musician. Write articles, published something and participating in musical life. I think being musician is a part of teacher. You can’t teach music, if you are not passionate by it. Not only music teachers, but you need to enjoy and feel good while teaching music – cause you like music.

Maybe some of You remember you music lessons in school? How is depressing or not interesting? Even in gymnasium I learned music history, even is I learned in musical school and ballet school earlier. I was not the best one, but not the bad one too. Maybe in a middle. Always. Cause I loved many things: science lessons, art, dance, technical and handcraft and even sport. Almost everything :like psychology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, history, all dance lessons, but not so much piano. Cause teachers was very bad. And I do not wanted play so much piano how now. But now I’m 24. Then I was 10-17. The more earlier you start doing something you like, it will be more progress in it to young ages.

So I posed too, because I like posing. I do not understand people primitivity, how they can be so limited in their worlds. Some of humans even not interest to be human at all. They just exist.

I making thesis about: “Creativity and error in improvisation”. How some teachers do not understand that I mean?

Today received three photos. I posed naked with some signs of one organization similar to Contra Cancer of Avon, but was pills, coins and nothing.  It was a one girl degree work.

Here photos:


Also I need to show alive trees, while sewing or destroying – if people make money from them. And how trees die and people have no money – cause there no tress. Why they do not grew up something new and again?

I know that I’m doing. The thing you love will be more better, if you making it with concentration  and love.

I do not asked this in my experiment, but I will ask. How long can concentrate musician and non-musician in my experiment (Thesis: “Creativity and error in improvisation”)

But it’s not only in improvisation being in this moment, while you feeling your body. Some of them do not felt nothing. How you can create something great if you not feel nothing? I think this people are creative who are creativity thinking- even from 3 sound you can make Moonlight sonata or something more different from that already existing. And it’s not only my words. Start searching and you will find answers on your own.

We all can be whatever we wan’t to be until we believe we are.  I do not know where from coming this fraza, but it’s true. Until you want to be musician you need to be believe that you are pro and doing things right. If you feel [soul – PNS (peripheral nervous system) ] until you are not knowing your own body and soul – you are mind – so you just can´t make nothing good, cause you are lie to yourself and maybe doing it only for money.

Like this trees or maybe forest that will be destroyed if Rail Baltic will be constructed. Why people do not understand that our earth is also living planet – while it’s so calling?

Cause you stupid money hunter – burn in hell 😀 of your own head. I think I was been there. And it’s looping forever. You watched movie “Doctor Strange“. It was awesome movie. I’m not so fan of the movies, cause there is few really good movies – maybe about 10-20, but this one is really good. If you of cause understand or maybe you have practice in it. Kind a experience in many things. But astral learning is very high level I think. I can’t go out of my body for a just wish, maybe my wish is too small?

Anyway until next time,

Sorry for my english, I’m not native. XD I’m just learning, is like you don’t know estonian (maybe you know).


Elin Lait

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