Luis photoshoot in Studio

Studio Photoshoots


Luis making music and dance. Here some pictures from photoshoot.


Tried Canon 5D mark1 with 24-105 lens. 10 Mp is not enough. So i moved to my Canon 7D and 28mm lens. Was quiet nice, but I decided to take with 24-105 mm which was studio lens. AF was ok, but sometimes not so well.

I don’t know the problem – maybe sensor, mirror or cheap lens – but my camera do not have enough sharpness and resolution. Making like old film cameras. Actually I like old film pictures.

And again I discovered new preset for myself. Actually every person kind of new preset, cause new light and place. Individual photoshoot it’s calling. And some models (even they are not models) want free photos. Of course if you have great idea and possibility to pose nice – why not, but if you are beginner so make photos with beginners photographers.


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