Born to create?


Talking about art in one lecture today. We need to stand on the hallway (depends from opinion about who is artist. In Estonian question was “Igaüks võib olla kunstnik” or “Kunstikuks saadakse töö käigus”.  For me better word is artist – like in old ages. Spirit of artist can’t make just something different, but art what comes from heart. And when if it’s smth new for the person and the world, so it is art. It can be conceptual, minimalistic, abstract or crazy performance about problems in the world. Like making photographer Von Wong.

I think is forgotten art – talking about problems – like punk. Is the feeling that you are creative, making world better and hearing your unconsciousness.

But not everything what goes out from your soul is art. Just maybe 1% of it, other is copying others. For me artist should be both: divergent thinkable and convergent.

Sometimes i feel, that photographic is not enough for me, so I’m making handcrafting, music, video and others. I think artisti need to be intelligent, creative thinkable, taking a risks, being spontaneous and being able to create from simple things just using fantasy a great things. Simplicity, but amazing – and people can tell “wow”.

Like Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Beethoven. They did hard work too. You need to be an artist in the soul also, have talent (or even being genius) or you can find ideas from someone else and making them in your way.

Nowadays art is a bit emm…freaky and sometimes empty (without feelings, emotions), but this person was inspired or maybe humans do not understand contemporary true art, like always. Only if artist die?  Sometimes I feel like is not an art at all. I think if people feel in that way – so it’s true. So artist should change a way to express himself, a way to create something, but maybe in a other way or new speciality.

An artist need to feel, that he/she was created something new, special, beautiful, individual/personal (you can look at sculpture and tell who made it. cause put a peace of his heart), experimental, yeas freaky a bit (sometimes, the more freaky/crazy is the more interesting) and etc.

Is my pictures are art?

It depend how you understand word art. You can read something about aesthetics, but reaction to art should be like “woow”. Is not only possibility how public can react to art.

Is good book to learn about aesthetics- Marc Jimenez “Qu’est que l’esthétique?” Gallimard 2011.

So I try to show the world in Estonia for example, the problems here – cause art purpose – is serve to people and show the life, in the way every artist see it. If sometimes people do not understand, so it can be problem of observers, like Tesla innovations. People still do not understand some of them.


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