Finger? No Finger


Today tried Canon 6D with canon 50mm 1.8 and my 28mm. Yes, it’s difference, but first I’ll buy lens I think. Cause if only camera is good, pictures are still not like I want. Phase one cost 48.000USD. Oh well.. 😀 So I think I’ll buy lens first.

Came to Vladislava, cause she don’t have pictures and made some shoots in and out his home. Sometimes I like color, but Iso is still not good. I don’t like them I start zoom in to tone the skin or smth I see noise.

Maybe hybrid camera? Anyway I do not shoot sport. Or Pentax K1? But anyway I need good lens. Like saying “better old camera and good lens, than good camera and bad lens”.

Vladislava leave in Telliskivi, and there you can drink water from water tap.

About Nikon – from nikon Nef (Raw) file you can take more information that on Canon. Need to try Nikon. Who will give me one to try?

Ask why finger? – So MJ made shelf and I caught my finger between door. It’s hurt, but I still can move it, a bit green, but then I’m not play couple days piano, and fine, i hope.

And Vladislava made also some pictures about me.

Canon 6D shutter speed is maximum 4000.

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