Abandoned places. Photopgraphy, Nature

Went 25-26.09.16 with J. somewhere in Estonia. Actually Kaiu lake and Uusküla (near Peipsi).

First day just walked in the forest 😀 with some adventures. Cause went not by the road, but turned right and went through forest. Found some shrooms, but not collected them cause, not eatable, or cause we cant’t cook them.

There was amazing birch forest.


Also first time I tried to take shoot of the stars. Here is result. I don’t had a stative, just put camera on a wood. But I need to focus on smth, but I can’t so picture is not so sharp. I need to lay down on the ground focus somehow and put camera on the wood. J. made fire and we eat meat and bread and melted cheese. One chanterelle (we found in forest) also was grilled. At night wasn’t so cold, cause J.toke a lot of warm blankets. But, Head was a bit cold, but I do not had stuffy nose in the morning or smth bad.

Then we watched stars at night bats flew around, and could hear them. We illuminate the “sky” with flashlight and bat flew over it many times. And then we heard wolfs. They was quiet far away, but still in the forest.

But at night wolfs came more close, about 1-2km I think, cause before wasn’t so close. And after them hearing I start lucid dreaming more intensively.

By the morning did a bit yoga and stretching. In the sun was very warm. And we went to Peipsi järv and Uusküla.

In the Uusküla:

We parked car near. And went into. In one house made one song with piano. Improvised together with untuned piano. Sound can be very scary, but you need to imagine. I do not tuned music. So it is pure sound from my Huawei phone. I made also video in the basement of the house I put into video. Cause I discovered what my old Canon 7D, is quiet good in the night, if put maximum of settings.

I warning! It can be psychological music, not so much video. Cause it first version of it.

Here you can find:  Video

loodus-1255In other house there was a theatre/big hall with small stage, maybe presentation room or film auditorium. Anyway. Here we are.

But them I heard, what someone is also in the house. And we rapidly went out.

J. also toked one small bird outside, what was inside. But now i thinkig, what maybe is wasn’t good choise? Cause cat’s or someone else could eat the bird, cause she couldn’t fly.


Here come a small gallery.


Kalda tn

Abandoned places. Photopgraphy

Start from school (01.09.16). I practiced some hours. Michael eat ice-cream. I tried also. Went to her home and later to shop. Cause wanted to buy some for drink. Later meet with Apollon at Õitse pts. You can go with bus nr. 10

Also I went to this place for shoot some clips for my future music video. And found nice place, even to have photos 🙂 Curry chips and apple vine is nice combo 🙂 Went dark, actually we went wrong cause my gps is bad while drunk, but not so much, so we found some place to sit and drink more bear 😀  Myabe next time I’ll return to this place, cause I need more clips for video.

Patarei Prison

Abandoned places. Photopgraphy

02.06.16 went with Apollon to Prison photoshoot with one guy.

Here some photos from Prison itself.