Went 25-26.09.16 with J. somewhere in Estonia. Actually Kaiu lake and Uusküla (near Peipsi). First day just walked in the forest 😀 with some adventures. Cause went not by the road, but turned right and went through forest. Found some shrooms, but not collected them cause, not eatable, or cause we cant’t cook them. There … Loe edasi: Kaiu&Uusküla

Kalda tn

Start from school (01.09.16). I practiced some hours. Michael eat ice-cream. I tried also. Went to her home and later to shop. Cause wanted to buy some for drink. Later meet with Apollon at Õitse pts. You can go with bus nr. 10 Also I went to this place for shoot some clips for my … Loe edasi: Kalda tn