Went 25-26.09.16 with J. somewhere in Estonia. Actually Kaiu lake and Uusküla (near Peipsi). First day just walked in the forest 😀 with some adventures. Cause went not by the road, but turned right and went through forest. Found some shrooms, but not collected them cause, not eatable, or cause we cant’t cook them. There … Loe edasi: Kaiu&Uusküla

Keava raba #2

Been sit around 4 hors at the sun (?) and sunburnt a little, but it was ok. Cause we were free. Free children in the nature. I don’t know: put my photos or not. It’s all natural, nothing to shame. I’m not making porno. I think it’s art. And he alive 🙂 But, I don’t … Loe edasi: Keava raba #2

Keava raba #1

Next Day (day 3) we went to Keava raba. Not the first thing, but second. First thing we went with granpa to collect some birch branches to make vihad/viht for sauna. And then granpa conduced us to place near bog.  And we went by food. This day also been some bicycle contest, so some ride against … Loe edasi: Keava raba #1